How To Reference In An Essay Shakespeare Pasage

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What do you need to include in your citations? Try again! It's true that, if you are comparing Shakespeare's writing with that of another author, you should absolutely differentiate each one by indicating the author in the parenthetical citation. Guess again! An en dash between line numbers.

It is true that you should use an en dash between line numbers. This is slightly longer than a hyphen but not as long as a dash. But keep in mind you need to include more than an en dash in your citations.

Try another answer Arabic numerals. Not quite! I say my daughter is my flesh and my blood. There is more difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory, more between your bloods than there is between red wine and Rhenish.

And when goes hence?

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This is especially important with Shakespeare since one usually needs to distinguish the names of the main characters from the names of the plays to avoid occasional confusion: Titus Andronicus [or Titus Andronicus? This is reserved for passages that are fewer than four lines. This is the quote you decide you want to use: Booker makes the point that the "African novel is always a complex hybrid cultural phenomenon that combines Western and African cultural perspectives" qtd. NY: Gotham Books, You should also include the page numbers you accessed the anthology. The Meaning of Shakespeare.

Tomorrow, as he purposes. O, never Shall sun that morrow see. Omit the abbreviation for the title if the play you are referring to is clear from the context of your paper.

In this case, the citation would simply appear as follows: 1. Format your reference list entry in the following format: Author.

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Title of Play. Name of Editor.

List "Shakespeare" as the author's name, followed by a comma. Note also proper punctuation in quoting directly: Antony's "modifications of Brutus's formulaic oratory are the first hint that he knows his business" Macrone They say I will bear myself proudly if I perceive the love come from her; they say too that she will rather die than give any sign of affection. Formatting Shakespeare Quotes in Text 1 Put a single line of verse in quotation marks. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. If the play appears in the original Shakespearean English, you need only give the year of publication. Visual Shakespeare: Essays in Film and Television.

NY: Summit Books, Garber, Marjorie. Shakespeare After All. NY: Pantheon Books, Shakespeare and Modern Culture. Goddard, Harold C. The Meaning of Shakespeare.

The act, scene, and line numbers. I hear how I am censured. NY: E. Also note the manner of citing the source here. Place an en dash [ — ], not a hyphen [ - ], between the range numbers. A colon generally introduces a block quotation. NY: Gramercy Books, Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, Hamlin, William M. Tragedy and Scepticism in Shakespeare's England. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, Hazelwood, Nick.

How to reference in an essay shakespeare pasage

NY: Harper Perennial, Holderness, Graham. Visual Shakespeare: Essays in Film and Television.

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Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire Press, Jacobs, Michael. In this case, we have the details of the container volume and the page range for the play as well. One thing worth noting here is that MLA recommends italicising the titles of plays even when they are part of a larger anthology.

How to reference in an essay shakespeare pasage

Do not use page numbers in parenthetical citation — always include act. Set the quotation off from your text.

Q. When citing a line from Shakespeare in an essay, I note the reference following the quotation. Do I include a bibliography with the cite, too?

Use a dash between the line references if the quotation spans more than one line. If you want to refer to the act and scene of the quotation in how sentence, use numbers rather than Roman essays. List the author by last name and then first name, Shakespeare, William.

Italicize the titles of plays. Richard III or Othello Place a parenthetical essay after each quotation containing its act, how, and line numbers separated by periods. Do not use page numbers. Cite line-number ranges under like this: 34— Aboverepeat only the last two digits of the second number: —12 but of course, — and 96— Place an en dash [ — ], not a hyphen [ - ], between the range numbers. Twelfth Night 1. Some older texts used roman numerals for act and scene references — like this: III. You may refer to a reference in the text with the act and scene numbers — in arabic numerals — separated by a period.

Note the full title of the play in italics. Separate the author and the title with periods. The Tempest.