Devexpress report viewer print

  • 14.07.2019
Devexpress report viewer print
Is it interesting in MVC. Yaroslav DevExpress Contingency NET or Node..
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C using DevExpress. ExpressApp; using DevExpress. Actions; using DevExpress. ReportsV2; using DevExpress.
Format " if! Note In the Edge browser, it is impossible to trigger a print in an iframe embedded in a html page, so you can open the generated report PDF-file in a new window and print this file using the standard PDF-viewer functions. Yaroslav DevExpress Support ReportsV2 Imports DevExpress. Clear ; Response. Report [module]. Now i am trying to do this, when i am clicking the button, the report need not to be open just i need to trigger the action of print button in the Report Viewer. Use the ClientInstanceName.
Devexpress report viewer print
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Devexpress report viewer print

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VisualBasic Imports DevExpress. Something like below The printing script is registered using the WebWindow. Triggering a print action is about creating a specially crafted PDF file and then opening it in the browser.

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ReportsDataSourceHelper property. Report; module. ReportsV2 ' ExportToPdf ms, options ; ms.

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Devexpress report viewer print
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